Stoveguard (1) One-Year Warranty

Stoveguard (1) One-Year Warranty

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Protect your investment and your stove with a StoveGuard one-year warranty.

  • Valid 12 months from the date of purchase. 
  • Valid for up to 2 free replacements 

Protect your StoveGuard with a 1-Year Warranty

Replace your Stove Protector within 1-Year at any time, for any reason.

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Customer Reviews

Great product

Eileen McNeill

Mine arrived today--they don't put magnets in the box anymore apparently. But the stove liner fits perfectly on my gas cooktop. I also ordered the oven liner, but haven't tried to apply it yet. Since it's gas, the element on the bottom is sort of a hump in the middle. I am not sure the liner should go on top of that. Any suggestions? Is it not for a gas oven?

Stove guard

Kamal Thakore

Excellent product. Prompt Delivery and no issue. Recommend this product.

Works as Advertised

Chris Jones

Ignore the dumb comments here that say it overheated or "blocked the gas". Those people don't know how to read. The instructions say very clearly, in bold text, to put the liner on the bottom rack, not the bottom of the oven.