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365 Day Warranty on StoveGuard Premium
Heat Resistant
Made in The USA
Long Lasting
Easy to Clean
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Easy to Install
PFOA and BPA free
2x Thicker than Competitors

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Our stove protectors, proudly made in the USA, are custom-designed to ensure a perfect fit, providing ultimate protection for your stove, range, or cooktop.


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Custom Cut to Your Exact Refrigerator Model

*now available for Samsung, Bosch, Frigidaire, and GE models*

Clean Less | Live More

Pan-fry, saute and stir without worry, because you can clean your stovetop in a flash. StoveGuard stovetop protectors are custom designed and precision cut to fit around each burner of your stove, protecting the surface underneath from splatters and crumbs. When the meal is over, just wash StoveGuard under the tap. Big messes rinse easily away.


Precision Design

Custom engineered to fit to your exact stove model for maximum surface protection.


Heat Resistant

Made from durable, flame-retardant materials that can extend the life of your stove.


Simple and Safe

FDA food grade approved, BPA and PFOA free. No more toxic, chemical cleaners.

Customer Reviews

We're rated 4.8/5 from 37,536 reviews.

SO IMPRESSED! Better Than The Knockoffs!

I had to reach out and say how impressed I am with your product, I ordered the deluxe version and compared to cheaper knockoffs, those are literally useless as I've watched review videos and they seem way too flimsy, not aesthetically pleasing at all,

Theresa Webb


Being married with kids, the deal has been for years that since I do not cook, I'll clean up the kitchen and I enjoy that compromise fully. My wife cooks fantastic meals and then she can just relax after.

HOWEVER there are "certain" meals, from a clean up perspective, especially with the stove top, that stress me out thinking, "oh boy this cleaning session is gonna be brutal". Now that anxiety is gone, LOL. I normally don't write reviews or send product feedback, but this is worth every penny

Ralph Edwards

We are VERY happy

Loving the product so far. Just wanted to provide some feedback. Our SG-0504-S-BLK just arrived, and overall, it looks and works fantastic! We are very happy with the product.

Eleanor Pena
Best For
Grade Approved
Heat Retardant
Oil & Grease Retardant
Best seller

StoveGuard Premium

Custom cut to fit your exact stove model
6 X thicker than the competition
Heavy-duty, made to withstand high heat burners
All major gas, electric coil & RV range models
Simply wash mess away under faucet
100% FDA food grade approved. PFOA and BPA free.
500 Degrees Heat
1 Year Limited Warranty * Buy Now
Best seller

StoveGuard Lite

Custom cut to fit your exact stove model
1.6 X thicker than the competition
Durable but flexible to contour to your stovetop
All major gas, electric coil & RV range models
Simply wash mess away under faucet
100% FDA food grade approved. PFOA and BPA free.
500 Degrees Heat
14 Days Limited Warranty * Buy Now
Best For
Contents Retardant
Easy Install and Removal
Water Proof
Best seller


Transparent (to let refrigerator light through)
Heavy-duty, flexible, and transparent material to catch all spills and still let the light through
All makes and models of refrigerators
Easy removal so you don't have to risk your safety by taking out those glass shelves.
Durable, custom cut liners for shelves, crisper drawers, and bins.
Flexible material with lift tabs for the bins
1-Year Limited Warranty * Buy Now

Compatible with All major Brands: