StoveGuard Broiler Pan
StoveGuard Broiler Pan
StoveGuard Broiler Pan
StoveGuard Broiler Pan
StoveGuard Broiler Pan
StoveGuard Broiler Pan

StoveGuard Broiler Pan

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The Perfect Broiler Pan

  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Perfect Air Fryer Oven Accessory
  • 2-Piece Set Measures 16" x 12.75" x 1.75"
  • Durable, stick-free porcelain finish on long-lasting steel
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy-to-clean
  • Top grill drains grease away from food for healthier dining
  • Broil healthy meals indoors
  • The perfect bacon pan
  • Bottom pan doubles as a baking dish
  • Ideal for chicken, beef, vegetables, fruit, french fries and more
  • Crispy, delicious results on Air Fryer Oven Setting
  • Safe up to 1025° F - Suitable for use on outdoor grill

This pan does it all. It is the perfect full-size air fryer oven accessory. Use the top grate for crispy results or the top grate and bottom pan together to catch any drippings. Baked crispy bacon never tasted so good, and the grease drains away from the bacon as it bakes. The top grate is perfect for delicate items on your outdoor grill too! Delicious vegetables, shrimp, and grilled fruit, whatever food can easily fall through the grates, can now be grilled easily on your outdoor grill. Want to grill dinner, but it is not the best weather outside? Our Broiler Pan is the perfect pan for grilled goodness under your broiler setting in the oven. The bottom pan is the perfect baking pan for sheet cakes, brownies, casseroles, or focaccia. The heavy-duty porcelain is easy to clean and stick-free.

Customer Reviews

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My Favorite!

Daryl D.

My oven came without a broiler pan and rack. I had tried using some of the pans I had on hand but nothing I had was anything like the broiler pans that used to come standard with new ovens. I knew I had to have a nonstick pan and rack combo that was heavy duty and wouldn't twist or buckle, and it would have to stand up to the broiler unit's high temps. This product is easy to clean but is sturdy and heavy duty without being overly heavy. I would certainly recommend it.

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Absolutely Outstanding

Babara N.

The broiler pan works perfectly. No warping when heated. Cleans up nicely. Happy I found you web site to order this pan.

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The Everything Cooker!

Julie B

Perfect size broiler, I am already using it for everything! Much better than expected but not too heavy or bulky for a small woman like me! Best of all :: Please note ::Does NOT warp at high temps !!!!! I have had the broiler to 500 degrees plus and it did not phase this little gem ! A very good purchase !