Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about StoveGuard.

It is a proprietary blend of materials and Teflon-coated fiberglass. This varies ever so slightly with each variation of our product

The standard (or lite) stove protector is 0.32 mm thick, and the premium stove protector is 1.15 mm thick.

No. We do not sell blank sheets, however, products like our Oven Liner and Grill Guard can be cut to your specifications, however we do not recommend this as a long-term solution as cutting this material by hand can cause it to fray and wear out prematurely. Fill out our request form and we’ll see how quickly we can get your model number covered by our product ASAP! Click Here for Request Form

Many of our StoveGuard Stove Protectors are also available in Silver, Copper and Gold. We're expanding our available options every day!

While our stove protectors are very durable, they are not meant to last forever! With proper care, they should last at least a year or two before they begin to wear out, however, for our more rough and tough StoveGuard users, StoveGuard is proud to offer a (1) One-Year Warranty on our products for $9.99. This warranty goes above and beyond our (1) year warranty against product defects, and also covers you in case your stove protector is damaged or worn out during your first year in any way, we will replace it free of charge on up to (2) separate occasions.

To prolong the life of your StoveGuard product, we recommend hand washing with warm, soapy water. The StoveGuard is dishwasher safe, however, leave the DRY HEAT Cycle and Sani Cycle OFF when washing in the dishwasher, as this can begin to degrade your StoveGuard prematurely.

We are constantly attempting to perfect our customized templates for each and every model number we cover. If you feel like your StoveGuard doesn’t fit properly, please contact our customer service team via our contact form Contact Us, or send us an email at We want your StoveGuard to fit perfectly, so we’d love to hear from you!

We match the StoveGuard to the stove model number, not the photo, but that can certainly help us determine which template is the best fit for your specific model number! While you’re taking pictures, make sure to take one of the model number on your stove, this is even more helpful to get you the right product for your stove top. Many stove tops look similar, but the measurements often vary, so let's find that model number! Here’s a video to help you find it: Need help locating your model number?

The owner’s manual or other paperwork often includes a series of numbers and isn’t always accurate. We recommend locating the model number on the stove itself and not the manual or other paperwork. We have attached a link from our website to help you locate the model number if needed. Here’s a video to help you find it: Need help locating your model number?

First of all, we are so sorry that this has happened to you and your stove! If our product is indeed responsible, we will do everything in our power to rectify the situation. In order to facilitate that, please send us photos of the damage to your stove top to our customer service team via email at!

If you have placed your order via Amazon, you may request a return label from Amazon directly. If you ordered from our website, just send us an email at or fill out our contact form Contact Form and we’ll send you a return label. We’ll process your refund as soon as we are able to verify tracking data on your return.

StoveGuard Returns Attn: (Your Order Number) 4700 Spring Rd., Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131. However, in order for us to refund your order or accept your return, you will need to contact us first so that we can start the refund/return process properly.

Yes! We offer unique promotions year-round! One promotion that is ALWAYS running is our bundle and save promo! If you select the 3-Pack option for your StoveGuard, you’ll get 50% off the 3rd stove protector! Perfect for those that need to be able to swap out their stove protectors quickly or just like to have backups around.

Yes. The oven liner is the same material as the StoveGuard. It is for use on the RACK only and NOT the oven floor. It should not be used on the oven floor as this may cause damage to both the oven liner as well as your oven! The oven liner is one size and can be cut with scissors to fit the inside of your stove on the rack if need be, however this may cause the edges of the oven liner to fray slightly.

Yes! We offer UPS 3-day select, 2 day air and next day by end of day. We guarantee that ANY express order (which we define as any order with a PAID shipping option) placed before 12PM EST will be shipped out on the same day. If for whatever reason, we are unable to ship the product out on the same day for orders placed before 12PM EST or the next business day when ordered after 12PM EST, we will happily refund the extra shipping costs incurred while still utilizing the selected shipping method. We are dedicated to you as our customer and we want to make your experience the best you’ve ever had! Of course, we are still dependent on UPS and USPS to uphold their promise to deliver our products in a timely manner, so let us know if they don’t hold up their end of the bargain!

Previously we did ship the StoveGuard in tubes, but the material is such that after shipping it would not uncurl and lay flat on the stove top. If we shipped the StoveGuard flat, the shipping costs would be too high because of the dimensions of the item. We continue to think of different ways to ship this item effectively. If you have a new idea on how we can improve, we’d love to hear it!

Please contact us immediately and we’ll pay the costs to have it shipped back to us and a new one sent out to you ASAP.

If you entered your information into the request form on our website, we will email you when we have a StoveGuard for your model available. Needless to say, we get thousands of new model requests every single month, and we are actually trying to proactively make stove protectors available for new stove model configurations as they hit the market, but even we struggle to keep up sometimes! We’d like tp thank you for your interest in getting a StoveGuard, and you may be eligible for our StoveGuard Beta Test program, so feel free to send us an email at Otherwise, we’ll try to keep you posted as to the status of your request via email.

First, make sure you’ve got the right model number – they can be a bit confusing and even one wrong number or letter can make the difference! If you’re not sure you have the right model number for your stove, take a look at this video to make sure you’re grabbing the right number from your stove. Need help locating your model number? If you have entered your Stove Model # and still cannot find your specific stove model, please use the Stove Model Request Form to request your model. Click Here for Request Form

  • The Premium StoveGuard is 3.5x's thicker then the Ultra Thin StoveGuard.
  • Strong enough to use on High Heat Power Burners.
  • Built to withstand heavy duty action on even the most frequently used Stove Top.
  • Includes a 1 year warranty (up to 2 replacements, photos required).