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Family Comes First

Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Matthew McCarthy, creator and founder of StoveGuard, which has truly changed my family’s life. Above all else, I’m a family-man who lives by the mantra: Family Comes First.

As someone who enjoys spending as much time with my family as possible, I knew there had to be a way to cut back on cleaning Especially one of my least favorite chores - cleaning all the leftover gunk on our gas stovetop. And that was the idea that started StoveGuard and blossomed into a time-saving solution for everyone

Clean Less | Live More

Starting in a one-car garage, we were on a mission to find an easier way to keep our messy stovetop clean and free of grease and grime—the Problem. Tired of scrubbing, we knew there had to be a better way to keep the stovetop clean. After trying different products—those awful little self-cut squares, those incredibly thin, cheap three-part liners—very disappointing. After much research, we found the perfect Solution with our custom fit StoveGuard stovetop protectors.

Here at StoveGuard, we are the nation’s leading manufacturer of kitchen stovetop protectors. Manufactured in the USA, StoveGuard stovetop protectors are custom-designed and precision cut to fit your exact gas, electric coil, and RV stove. Each StoveGuard fits perfectly around every burner and makes cleanup a breeze—just wash under the faucet. No more scrubbing or harsh chemicals, no more stress.Quality products—quality service.

StoveGuard Premium is 6X thicker than the competition. It’s more durable, extends the life of your stove, safe for high-heat burners, and a free one-year warranty. As the kitchen innovation experts, we offer solutions for your other appliances including OvenGuard, GrillGuard, MicroGuard, StovegapGuard, and more to come. That’s why we can say: Clean Less | Live More!

As always,
Matt McCarthy

Start cleaning less and living more today

Cut your kitchen cleaning time with StoveGuard, OvenGuard and GrillGuard today.


America’s #1 stovetop protectors. Custom designed and precision cut to fit your exact stove model.


Keep you oven squeaky clean! Each OvenGuard oven liner is 17"x25" and can easily be cut to fit the dimensions of your specific oven.


No more sticky mess on your grill grates. GrillGuard is available in both rectangular and round styles and can easily be cut down to the precise dimensions of your grill grate.

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