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Before you fill out this form, please double-check if your model number appears in the "Model Number" list on your brand's page.

  • Click here type your model number and the fields will begin to auto-populate based on your responses.

  • For the the most accurate model number, do not refer to your user's manual or other paperwork that came with your range or cooktop. Please locate the model number label on the stove itself. Click here for instructions on how to find your model number.


Still can't find your model number on our website? Please fill out the form below.



  • Please be advised that the Stove Model Request Form is NOT a custom order form. By filling out this form, you are only submitting a request for your stove model to be added to our list of consideration for future production, and your request is documented.

  • If/when we receive enough requests for a particular model, we will then add it to our production line, as well as make an announcement when it is available for sale.

  • Submitting a model request DOES NOT GUARANTEE that we will be able to produce a StoveGuard for your model. New StoveGuard model production is based off of the collective customer demand.

  • Unless you have been asked to return and correct previous information, please do not fill out this form multiple times. We only keep the most recent request from each customer in our records.


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