Warranty Policy

StoveGuard Premium Stovetop Protector 
The purchase of any StoveGaurd Premium stovetop protectors automatically includes a one (1) year limited warranty. 

StoveGuard Lite Stovetop Protector 
An extended warranty for StoveGuard Lite stovetop protectors may be purchased for an additional cost of $9.99. This warranty is valid 12 months from the date of receipt of the product and includes up to 1 free replacement of the same product purchased if the damage is deemed to be a manufacturer’s defect or damaged in shipping. Photos are required when submitting a warranty claim. 
Warranty Claims will be accepted for defects that include holes, burns, or warping. The following may be considered a product defect, but are considered normal wear and tear: fraying, watermarks, or folds that are not caused by shipping. Photos are required for defect claims.
Our stovetop protectors are made-to-order and custom designed to fit your exact stove model. Therefore, any product that has been altered from its original design automatically forfeits the warranty, refund, replacement, and exchange policy. 
International Customs Fees 
We as a company do not pay international customs fees. Those fees are the responsibility of each individual customer. 
Shipping Return Address 
Attn: StoveGuard Returns (your order number here) 
6909 Engle Rd Suite 40
Middleburgh Heights, Ohio 44130