StoveGuard Lite Stove Protector
for Electric Coil Ranges

The Top Rated Custom Cut Stove Protector

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Coil StoveGuard Lite

StoveGuard Lite

stove protector

StoveGuard is the number one, top quality stove protector available. StoveGuard Lite is a rugged but flexible stove top protector designed to keep your stove top free of grease and grime.

  • Custom fit to your exact stove top model
  • Made from an ULTRA-THIN, flexible Teflon-coated fiberglass material that rests flat on your stove
  • Just wash under the faucet—save money on expensive, environmentally unsafe cleaners
  • Made to fit as close as possible to each burner while maintaining safety proximity standards
  • 100% FDA approved and completely PFOA and BPA free for your safety
  • Made from durable, fire-retardant material
  • 30-Day satisfaction guarantee*

* 30-Day guarantee includes a one-time free replacement of the StoveGuard stove top protector that you purchased if the defect is a manufacturers defect or product malfunction (photo proof is required)

StoveGuard Lite Stove Protector for
Electric Coil Ranges

For most of us, cleaning up in the kitchen is the least enjoyable part about being in the kitchen. The problem only gets worse when it comes to cleaning up spilled grease, sauces, and splatters from around the edges of a piping hot electric coil, putting your hands at risk for a burn. StoveGuard stove top protectors can help to preserve that off-the-showroom-floor look and feel.

With StoveGuard electric coil stove protectors, no need to worry if your spaghetti sauce, mac and cheese, or home-made Bar-B-Que sauce spill turns into a sticky, baked-on mess. Let StoveGuard come to the rescue leave the mess until you are finished cooking. When done, simply remove the StoveGuard and rinse it off in your sink. Let StoveGuard handle the stress of cleaning while you enjoy more time doing the things you love.

Coil range close up
StoveGuard lite on coil range
Top view of coil range
Top view of coil range with StoveGuard
Black StoveGuard being applied to coil range

Our Story

A few years back, we were looking for an effective but EASY way to keep our stove top free of grease and grime, while avoiding those toxic household cleaning chemicals. After trying several options, including those awful little squares that you have to cut yourself, we knew there had to be a better way. That’s why we decided to research and create our own solution.

Voilà — StoveGuard was the solution to the problem! We knew we had the answer we were looking for and that would help millions of families who experience the same problem. Cleaning less meant having more time to do the things we enjoy. It made perfect sense—Clean less, live more!

StoveGuard™ — A family owned and operated company