StoveGuard Premium Stovetop Protectors

Stop spending more time in your kitchen cleaning than cooking with StoveGuard. Our stovetop protectors can help preserve that off-the-showroom-floor look and feel for years to come, no matter the mess.

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StoveGuard Premium

stove protector

StoveGuard is the number one, top quality stove protector available. StoveGuard Premium, our newest member of the StoveGuard family, is a thicker, heavier duty stove top protector designed to hold up to even the messiest of messes.

  • Custom fit to your exact stove top model
  • 3½ times thicker than StoveGuard Lite
  • New, more durable design—tough enough for high heat power burners
  • Just wash under the faucet—save money on expensive, environmentally unsafe cleaners
  • Made to fit as close as possible to each burner while maintaining safety proximity standards
  • 100% FDA approved and completely PFOA and BPA free for your safety
  • Made from durable, fire-retardant material
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty*

*One-year warranty includes a one-time free replacement of the StoveGuard stove top protector that you purchased if the defect is a manufacturers defect or product malfunction (photo proof is required). Protect your StoveGuard stovetop protector—using with high heat under a griddle or an oversized pan may create a heat trap, resulting in burning and ruining the stove top protector.

Clean Less | Live More

Instead of spending time scrubbing, simply remove your custom-cut stove cover StoveGuard and rinse it off in the sink. You can even get a StoveGuard that color matches the beautiful stainless-steel backdrop of your burners. Don't singe your hands and sponges trying to hurry up and clean around those open flames or piping hot grates and burners! Let StoveGuard take care of the cleanup, while you take care of the cooking.

Customer Reviews


Fits and easy cleaning

Veronica and Frank

It fit perfectly and it’s dishwasher safe! And if you don’t own a dishwasher, spray with cleaner, soak and rinse! Great product!


Fits perfectly

Lisa Wichtendahl

It fits! Ordered a custom one from another company and wasn't even close. Ordered from here and it was right the first time. Very happy with purchase.


Very Pleased

Rosemarie Guidice

I have a range that if you sneeze within 10 feet of this thing you have to clean it, ugh! My husband found this online and ordered one. I was very pleased with it. It saved a lot of time. It can be hand washed or put in the dishwasher. I ordered a second one and love it, it was tweaked a little and it fits much better than the 1st one. It is money well spent.