This Mother’s Day, Give the Gift of Less Time Cleaning

This Mother’s Day, Give the Gift of Less Time Cleaning

Kitchen chores never seem to end, do they? One more meal to cook, one more pot to scrub, one more surface to wipe — and then it starts all over again.

This Mother’s Day, make sure Mom doesn’t spend Mother’s Day cleaning!

Show her how much you appreciate everything she does for the family by taking over kitchen cleaning time. Wash the dishes, put away the cookware, and most importantly, wipe down the counters and stove. She might appreciate a spotless kitchen more than flowers or chocolate!

Keep the theme going by wrapping the perfect gift for a mom who finds herself spending too much time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning: StoveGuard stovetop protectors and OvenGuard oven liners.

Cut Mom’s kitchen cleaning time with StoveGuard

With a StoveGuard stovetop protector, the stickiest, crumbiest cooking messes rinse away fast. Every StoveGuard stovetop protector is custom designed and precision fit to your exact stove model.  Next time Mom whips up one of her specialties, just rinse the StoveGuard under the tap and wash the mess away. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a mom who loves cleaning — or wants to spend more time with her family and less time in the kitchen.

For a limited time, take 20% off any stovetop protector (does not apply to OvenGuard, GrillGuard, or gift cards) with our Mother’s Day sale. Shop your stove model for stovetop liners and oven liners that make it easy for you and Mom to spend less time cleaning – and more time being together.

Take 20% off StoveGuard at checkout from May 6-9, 2022 using our code: MOTHERSDAY20.

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