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The StovegapGuard is made from high quality Santoprene, a type of rubber, and is superior to other gap guards made from silicone.

The StovegapGuard should only be used in the small space between your stove and counter top. Looking at the StovegapGuard from the side view, you will notice it is made in a "T" shape. Place the shorter end near the stovetop and the longer end lays on the counter.

It should not be placed near any surface that gets hot, like one of the burners, or any stove grate or metal part of your stovetop that becomes heated from being expose to a direct flame. Use caution and do not use this product for purposes other then intended. Be sure to place the short end of the StovegapGuard facing the stove and the longer end facing the counter (as pictured below).
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